Projects - english-italian-translator


For confidentality reasons, all accounts names are omitted

: brochures, trade magazines, marketing material, dealer guides, quality standards, product info
Biochemistry/Pharmaceuticals: MSDS, pharmacological & toxicological reports, chemical protocols
Corporate magazines
Dental: press articles, clinical studies
Electric appliances: operational manuals
Finance: annual reports, press releases and mutual funds material
Industrial automation: plant automation software
IT: user's manuals, advertising brochures, marketing material, training manuals, pocket guides
Legal: agreements, powers of attorney, sworn translations
Machinery: operator and service manuals
Medical equipment: operating manuals, ophtalmology equipment manuals
Press and press releases: economics, financial results, sport and fitness
Quality management: TQM manuals
SAP: user instructions, training manuals
Software localization: GUIs, WUIs, online help (compiled, HTML and Web), documentation (printed, online), white papers
Standardization regulations: UNI EN/UNI EN ISO standards
Telecom: periodicals, TUIs, and user's manuals
Videos: scripts
Web sites: product support services, automotive on-line accessory catalogues, dental, B2B portals